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Jean-Rony Fougère

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Pastry Chef Jean-Rony Fougère was just five years old when he was first introduced to the world of pastry in 1983 by his cousin Jesse in Haiti. Three years later, he left his birthplace and moved with his family to Brooklyn, New York. By age thirteen, Fougère had already completed his first cake decorating class. While attending Park West High School, he enrolled in the Culinary Arts Program and honed his craft while catering various fundraisers and events for organizations like Sotheby’s and the Office of Mayor Rudolph Giuliani. Fougère received an honorable mention at the 1996 national Salon Food Show. His innovative cheesecake tart caught the attention of renowned Chef Richard Grausman, President of the Careers Through Culinary Arts Program (C-Cap), leading to an internship at the famed Waldorf Astoria Hotel, under Pastry Chefs Michael Hu, Jean-Claude Perennou and Gnanasampanthan Sabaratratnam.

After graduation, Fougère joined the staff at Aquavit, NYC as Pastry Assistant under the guidance of Pastry Chef Deborah Racicot in 1998. The next year, he was selected as a member of the U.S. Pastry Team on the recommendation of Executive Chef Marcus Samuelsson and traveled to Lyon, France, where the team placed third in the Coup de Mond de la Patisserie. After two years under the intense training of Pastry Chef Remy Funfrock, Fougère spearheaded the Pastry Departments at 92 and Smith Restaurant, where he catered the first Tribeca Film Festival in 2002. Fougère was the founding Executive Pastry Chef at the exclusive SoHo House, NYC from 2003 to 2005. He then moved to Washington, D.C., where he established the Pastry Department at the now thriving OYA Restaurant & Lounge. By 2006, Fougère was back in New York City consulting for numerous local restaurants.

While Fougère’s desserts range in style from Classic French to American Comfort, their flavor profiles are uniquely balanced. Resting on a flourless biscuit, his chocolate mousse is infused with a cardamon twist. His original take on Baby Pineapple Baked Alaska features a pineapple sorbet and a rum-infused sponge cake topped with a Swiss meringue. For his popular Banana Bread Pudding, Jean-Rony uses fresh-baked croissants served with a caramel-whiskey sauce. Fougère’s signature dessert, a favorite of actor Robert De Niro, is a fresh berry sauté in a balsamic syrup which is served with a fromage-blanc sorbet. From complex oven-baked mini petit fours to speciality wedding cakes, Pastry Chef Jean-Rony Fougère continues to create some of the finest desserts in the world.

Currently, Pastry Chef Fougère operates the Fern Pastry Studio in Brooklyn, where he shares his vast culinary skills and knowledge, conducting both individual and group classes on cake decorating. Meanwhile, he still provides his refined high-end desserts and extraordinary cake decorating artistry for some of New York City’s exclusive clients.

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A Beautiful 5 tier Wedding cake

"I had Beautiful 5 tier wedding cake by none other than Jean-Rony Fougere at my Wedding!! Chef Jean Designing and making this for me meant so much and I will never forget it.Those who love you will share the beauty of their talents and the grace of their work will speak. He went to england to learn how to master this form of cake making and he used the techniques he learned to create his own rendition. No amount of money could be suffice to pay for the heart he put into making this and sharing it with the world unapologetically."

What can be written to describe perfection?

"Our wedding cake, better to say the work of art, that you created for our wedding was breathtaking to see and absolutely delicious to eat!

Our was a small-ish affair, less than 100 guests. We displayed your creation in a place of honor throughout the evening so all of our guests could marvel at its beauty and detail. Several of our guests noticed that each hand-made helleborus was amazing. Botanists would envy them for the accuracy of their fine detail. And the combination of flavors with the separate almond and coconut layers were nothing short of sublime.

As you know we are older than most newlyweds, both with previous experience. We are actually looking forward to our first anniversary and the prospect of sharing your masterpiece one more time! "

A rare professional

Jean-Rony is one of those rare professionals who doesn’t have only the passion for pastry but a deep desire to understand and learn the product at its source. I remember him at Café Boulud’s pastry kitchen working at the lunch service. “Chef? Let us try to substitute the white sugar with brown sugar and use only a tree quarter of heavy cream and some pear consommé. The moisture in the brown sugar should help during the re-heating of the sauce to glaze the hazelnut and cranberry better” Jean stayed with me for about two years. The CCAP program gave him a good base and the opportunity to achieve what he wanted to do. The rest was in his hands. He works hard every day to feel and understand the chemistry behind the ingredients to have the best delicious desserts for our guests. His attention to detail, dedication to his position, and loyalty to the restaurant and myself have made him part of a small group of well-respected past team members. "

I just had to write a review on Jean's extraordinary works of Art in Cake decorating!!

Jean's cakes are one of a kind, elegant, classic and so much more. Jean has been making cakes for me for over ten years and never disappoints. "

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